You have a new meeting with Neptune


You have a new meeting with Neptune

We are entering a new era of work. Our offices have changed, downsized, and implemented hybrid work, and we can now choose when to do face-to-face work.

When this occurs, you must ensure that your meeting runs smoothly, with all necessary resources and, why not, a coffee break?

We were born with the DNA of meeting organization 15 years ago, and we have managed to gather the most features possible so that your event goes smoothly, with everything you need and knowing exactly how much it costs. With an unique interface, Neptune brings the latest in hybrid work management and planning by utilizing auxiliary devices that enhance the meeting experience.

Have you ever imagined holding a meeting, sending requests to external suppliers, who automatically receive and confirm your request through the platform, and being able to differentiate the cost center of that meeting? Yes, this is possible, as is determining that a room can only be booked if it has an occupancy of 50% of its capacity, avoiding one of the main problems of meeting people with a capacity far below what the room can handle, resulting in a waste of time and space that, when combined with the ongoing underutilization, results in an excessive expenditure of real estate resources.

The Booking Display, its main control module, allows you to see if the room is available, make quick bookings for the same day, check-in and check-out, as well as release the room if your reservation does not need to be extended, or, on the contrary, request more time of use, if time availability exists.

When it comes to meeting punctuality, business rules are a huge differentiator. Setting a tolerance period for users to check in allows people to better time themselves to begin a meeting and thus end it on time.

If you run out of coffee in the middle of a meeting, don't worry; the Meeting Assistant allows you to request more directly from the office pantry team.

It is also possible to display the meetings scheduled for that day on a monitor or a smart tv in the reception lobby, for example. It is a method of organizing your meeting and determining where and when it will take place.

Nothing better than resuming physical contact after all necessary precautions, because the handshake is still the best way to close a deal.

Meet Neptune and upgrade your office.

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