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Our software, combined with apps and displays, brings a better experience, more agility, comfort, and organization to your office’s routine. Open to a new way of interacting between people and places.

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Booking Display em frente uma sala de reunião

Why Smart Displays are crucial to your office?

We strongly believe that the user experience in the real world is even more important than the virtual world. That’s where the smart displays play a crucial part. Here are some benefits:

  • Better visualization of meeting events
  • Avoid room invasions
  • More precise control of check-in and check-out
  • Offers additional services and assistance to a meeting or event
  • Permits scheduling impromptu bookings right on the spot, without an external device
  • Enable the implementation of Digital Signage

The other scheduling platforms may not offer a complete solution, or if they do, you may have to pay an extra premium in order to implement those features. With Neptune, since our entry level version, you can count on interactive displays to make your employees experience more immersive and relevant. With no extra cost!

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Schedule Displays

Our softwares can be used in any kind of display through a custom interface, in tablets, computers and other screens.

Tela do booking display

Booking Display

Display the day's schedule, schedule a meeting, confirm your check-in, extend your booking, or release the room if you no longer require it.

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Tela do totem e totem completo

Kiosk Display

Check out the office's interactive maps to book a desk, meeting room, or other workspace. Find people, identify the desired location, and perform a check-in. Have access to all the main features of Neptune without using a computer or a smartphone.

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Tela do event display

Event Display

The market's most comprehensive wayfinding tool. It displays the entire day's schedule for a given location, making events and meetings easy to identify and locate.

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Virtual Assistants

Equipamento Meeting Assistant

Meeting Assistant

Place orders directly from your meeting rooms. Ask a cup of coffee, any equipment, or contact the IT department to resolve an issue. Receive notifications when your meeting is nearing its conclusion, preventing delays and confusion at the start of subsequent meetings.

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Tela do service assistant

Service Assistant

A complete control panel that receives all orders from meetings, regardless of whether they were booked in advance or on the Meeting Assistant. Follow up with the requests using an intuitive interface.

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Digital Signage

Equipamentos com anúncios de digital signage em suas telas

Revolutionize internal communication
with Neptune Digital Signage!

Make every Smart Display into a well placed informational screen to improve office communication and increase engagement and productivity. Explore the following potential uses for this technology:

  • Replace boring posters with attention-grabbing, interactive messages.
  • Make it easier to spread the word about significant announcements and news.
  • Create a cutting-edge method of greeting visitors.
  • Show real-time metrics for team performance.

Want more? The Neptune Navigator App

Our Smart Displays are compatible with modern browsers. However, to ensure safety and usability in unmonitored environments, the Neptune Navigator application is essential. It converts tablets into kiosks, restricting access to other apps and allowing only the Smart Display to run. If the tablet is restarted, the app automatically resumes its operation. Neptune Navigator is available for all of our versions, and the best part? No extra cost!

Our plans & pricing
Neptune Navigator em diversas telas

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